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 A comprehensive and on-target analysis of what is happening here in Wisconsin by one of our native sons, John Nolte.

So Who Will Win All the Wisconsin Marbles April 5th?

I’m unaware of any polling on this race so I turned to Charlie Sykes, a talk radio leader in Wisconsin (you should be listening to) and Big Government contributor. He’s on the ground there and understands the story (and stakes) as well as anyone. Here’s his disconcerting but undoubtedly accurate lay of the land:

I think it will be close: the left is engaged and enraged. We conservatives are engaged. Don’t know about the independents. This is a traditionally very low turnout election and if the unions turn out their troops, there might be enough votes to flip the court. But no one on our side is complacent about this. We understand that, as you say, it is for all the marbles.

This will turn on how the race is defined: if voters decide based on credentials: Prosser wins; if they see it as a choice between a liberal and a conservative judge, Prosser wins; if it turns on who is tough on crime, Prosser wins.

But, if it is seen as a referendum on Walker or the union bill, Kloppenburg has a very real shot.

This in a state where a sitting State Supreme Court Justice losing a re-election bid is nearly as rare as Halley’s Comet. This in a state that just 4 months ago (feels like years) voted overwhelmingly for Republican rule.

The Good News

Sykes tells me that during this crucial upcoming week some of the state’s largest business groups are finally going to get up on the air in favor of Prosser. The idea is to move the crucial independents to our side.

What are the Stakes?

Nothing less than democracy. Will four Robed Masters rule Wisconsin or will the representatives elected by the people of the state be allowed to govern?

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