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Copyright 2011 Charles J. Sykes, from my upcoming book, A Nation of Moochers, from St. Martin’s Press.

 (Cross posted at Big Government.)

My 401K is down 40%, my employer just cut the match; and it looks like I may have work until I'm 70 years old. I also pay for pensions to public employees who retired in their 50s.

I don't have enough money to go on vacation this year, but I paid my share of the federal government's $2.6 million grant to teach Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly. I pay for bridges to nowhere.

I drive a 1997 Honda Accord, but I had to pay for my neighbor’s $41,000 electric car.  I also bailed out the United Auto Workers.

I contribute to my children's 529 college savings plan, but since I don't qualify for financial aid I pay for other people's kids to go to school as well. I also pay for the sociology classes where I am sneered at for my lack of social conscience and denounced as the very essence of greed, racism and environmental insensitivity.

I exercise regularly, watch my cholesterol, and pay for my own health insurance as well as copays and deductibles. I also pay for Other People’s tonsillectomies, appendectomies and occasional rhinoplasties. I pay taxes for Medicare, Medicaid and for various medical programs for poor children and now I will get to subsidize the health care of several million more non-elderly, non-impoverished Americans.

My small business just lost its line of credit, but I paid to bail out Citigroup, AIG, and Goldman Sachs, whose executives get bonuses bigger than my entire net worth.

I pay my mortgage, but I also pay to bail out banks who made risky loans and yuppies, who have trouble paying $700,000 mortgages on their McMansions they bought with no-down payment, adjustable rate deals.

I pay for groceries for my family, but also pay millionaire farmers not grow stuff like rice. I buy dinner for more than 41 million food stamp recipients (although, they now call it Food Shares.). I also pay for school lunches. And breakfasts, since other parents apparently can't be expected to feed their kids. I get to have red meat once a week, but I get to pay for urban hipsters to buy organic salmon at Whole Foods.

I pay my electricity and gas bills, but I also pay for other people's air conditioning, cell phones, digital televisions, new windows, subsidized rent, and remodeling,

I pay for my daughter's ballet lessons, but also pay for universities to develop computerized choreography programs that will help develop "interactive dance performances with real-time audience interactions." I probably won't be able to make the show, since I'll be working.

I'm trying to save enough money in case I lose my job, but I pay for more than 70 different means-tested poverty programs

Because I work hard and am successful, I am in the 10% of Americans, who now pay more than 71 percent of the total federal income tax burden. The top 50 percent of earners pay 97.11 percent. In others words, the bottom half of American earners-- theoretically 50 percent of the electorate – pay less than 3 percent of federal income taxes. I pay for them.

I pay property taxes, sales, excise taxes, taxes on my phone, my cable, my water; state income taxes, Social security and Medicare taxes. I also help pay the bills for the nearly half of households who no longer pay any federal income tax. I also pay the bills for the 60 to 70 percent of households who receive more from the government than they pay in.

I expect no gratitude for any of this; it has been years since the term "provider" was a matter of societal respect and personal pride. I understand that the transfer of wealth from makers to takers is seen as morally purer than the efforts of those who created wealth in the first place.

I know my role.

I am the piggybank.


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