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 Let me first say that the media coverage is nearly as bad as the Maduison's judhge's ruling yesterday, evincing a complete ignorance of the applicable law here. This post from MacIver points out how clear the law actually is:

"Decisions of the Supreme Court are equally clear that Acts may not be enjoined where the claim is that a rule of legislative procedure, even one as important as the Open Meetings law, has been violated,” said Van Hollen. “No matter whether individual citizens agree with the substance of the bill or the manner in which it was enacted, I would hope all see the value in ensuring this matter be given the opportunity to work its way expeditiously through the judicial process.”...

Senate Rule 93, which provides that for special session bills, “no notice of hearing before a committee shall be required other than posting on the legislative bulletin board,” was actually authored in 1983 by Democratic State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison), with current Senator Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) the first co-author. The rule’s Assembly counterpart was also implemented in 1983, and supporters included Madison Representative Midge Miller, mother of current Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona).


Judge Sumi has calendared further proceedings for March 29th; the changes in pension and health care payments for state employees, which were within Act 10, were slated to kick in April 1st.

The Regular Session of the Legislature is in recess until April 5th and the Special Session is adjourned until Tuesday, March 22nd.

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