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This is as clear an assault on an independent judiciary as you can imagine. Either candidate Joanne Kloppenburg has implicitly or explicitly signaled the unions that she will rule in their favor on future litigation that would come before the state Supreme Court.

The unions are casting the Supreme Court election not as a choice of justices, but rather as a way to "get even," with Scott Walker. No, it's not subtle.


From a letter to members from the American Federation of Teachers, Local 212, the union at the Milwaukee Area Technical College:

"..on April 5 we will continue the process of defending our college and taking back our state from walker and the anti-union ideologues who presently control it..

Local 212 COPE has endorsed Joanne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

All Supreme Court elections are important, but this one will have immediate impact on the capability of unions to survive Walker's attempt to destroy us.

Many of the legal challenged to the bill stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights will end up in Wisconsin Supreme Court. [Bold in original.]

The makeup of the Supreme Court is currently 4-3 in favor of anti-union justices. A Kloppenburg victory would swing the balance to our side.

A vote for Prosser is a vote for Walker.

It's time to get even. Vote Kloppenburg on April 5."


Michael Rosen, President

Charlie Dee, Executive Vice President

Marwill Santiago, Legislative Chair

Frank Shansky, Director of Labor Relations


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