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 From the Wisconsin Club for Growth, a bracing call to arms.



The fastest way to lose every bit of hope Wisconsin taxpayers gained in last November’s election is to assume the game is over and we won.

It’s never over.

It’s never over because the organizations that have been orchestrating the chaos in Madison exist for one purpose: to obtain an ever-increasing share of what rightfully belongs to others, while suppressing their freedom to resist. That’s what the political Left is all about.

And they’ve given fair warning.

A scarcity of noisy protests at the Capitol this week is not to be taken as a sign that the Left is beaten. AFSCME leader Rich Abelson made it clear Sunday on “UpFront with Mike Gousha” that the crowds havedisappeared from the Capitol Square only because they’re working on other things.

“We think by summer we will have changed the face of the Wisconsin Senate,” Abelson said, referring to a guaranteed all-out union effort to recall eight Republican senators.
The statewide teachers union, WEAC, isn’t waiting for summer. On Sunday, it instructed its members:

“Win on April 5 - Our first chance to fight back will be the spring elections. We need to make sure that absolutely all of our co-workers vote in the race for Supreme Court and County Executive.”
There’s a pitch to recall Republican senators and target Governor Walker for recall next year. Heed the words of WEAC’s president:

“As Mary Bell said, this is not the end of our fight for decent jobs, decent schools and basic human dignity. It is the beginning.”

In WEAC-world, “basic human dignity” is defined as an unlimited claim on other people’s earnings.
Any failure to show up and vote in every election, every primary, every recall conducted where you live is exactly the same thing as surrendering to this.


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