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Boycotts, threats of boycotts, graffiti... and videotaping. Welcome to the New Tone of Civility. 

First, the vandalism of a local M&I bank by a tolerant and compassionate union supporter.

Next, this story about harassment of Walker supporters.

And, then ICYMI: the endorsement of boycotts by one the returning Fleebaggers:


Speaking on her return from Illinois, state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) said consumer actions may be a better option in continuing the fight against the Republican budget proposals.

"People we’re up against care about money and are very greedy," Vinehout said. "Look at the companies and products these people manufacture. When I buy something, I make my vote known."


UPDATE; This weekend, we set a record for web traffic because of links to this story by Drudge and others.


Good read about union extortion from the Lakeland Times.

There's an old union slogan, Labor is entitled to all it creates.

These days, we might say, Labor is entitled to all it can extort. At least that's what they apparently believe. They force workers to pay union dues so they can lavish campaign money on crony politicians who will in return richly reward them come contract time.

In tougher times, well, they just threaten to shut everybody down. That's what they have done to state government these past few weeks; that's what we now know they are trying to do to many local businesses in the Northwoods and around the state.

It's a good time to bring Jimmy Hoffa The Younger But No Less Thuggier into the column. C'mon in, Jimmy!

We have mentioned in these pages the recent appearance of America's top union boss to help lead the Madison protests. Ah, the face of American unionism.

How apt that Hoffa showed up as union bullies labored in the streets to take us all hostage and put on one of the more remarkable displays of greed and corruption in American history, a throwback to the good old days when union goons would just as soon shoot you than negotiate with you. 


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