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One of the most outspoken Fleebaggers, is Senator Chris Larson (D-Sticky), who has not only been hiding out in Illinois, but has also been overtly encouraging the occupation of the State Capitol. His contempt for following the rules is nothing new.

As Patrick McIlheran reported last year, it's actually a Larson pattern\, including arrests for shoplifting, violations of caampaign finance laws.... and this incident:

 On that fine morning of May 21, 2004, Larson’s car was being towed. One feels for him, honestly, but he did park in a towaway zone on the east side, according to the officer who filled out the report. So a city contractor towed, only, wrote the officer, Larson “jumped inside his towed vehicle and rode along all the way to the tow yard.” Not quietly, either: The tow truck guy “states during the tow this subject beeped the car horn continuously.”

One dreams of such rebellion to the Milwaukee parking regime, I suppose, but one doesn’t usually act on it. Because if you lay on the horn of a towed car from the east side all the way to the impound lot, you’re being a jerk, to the tow driver and to everyone you pass.

Larson later explained himself to Milwaukee County social worker and lefty blogger Chris Liebenthal thus: “Basically, I thought the guy was stealing my car and I was the one who called the police. The ticket was given because I didn't have an ID on me and therefore couldn't verify who I was.” He noted as well that the matter got dropped and he owed no fine.

It’s apparently true that the matter got dropped, but that bit about it all being about lacking ID? The citing officer wrote that it was something else: “Subj(ect) caused a disturbance on the city street as he entered his vehicle as it was being towed (and) beeped his horn continuously.” It’s right there on the ticket, of which I have a copy.

Now, this wasn’t a big thing, legally speaking. It amounted to Larson not being a criminal, just a royal pain in public. The earlier shoplifting wasn’t big, either, though it was after his post-shoplifting turnaround that he threw the tow-truck tantrum. The oops-we-have-to-report-that trouble wasn’t that big either, though the state thought it was serious enough for a $1,500 fine.

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