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 As WEAC calls an illegal job action, shutting down at least eight school districts, the national spotlight is on us today.... as the unions send their message: Screw the Kids.

 Michelle Malkin has three good posts: WATCH WISCONSIN.

Also here.

And here....including this statement from a Wisconsin public employee:


Our benefit package in WI is almost 2nd to none in the US for state workers, this is a minor sacrifice when all is said and done. Under our former Democratic Governor, we had to take a 3% paycut the last two years in the form of mandatory furloughs. Walker intends to stop that, so we could regain that money, couple that with union dues we get back for quitting the union and it’s nearly a wash on the slight increase in pension and health care costs. That proves this is not about those changes, but about a political agenda by the left and the unions being threatened.


Reminder to the unions.

Margaret Thatcher had her coal strike.


The Gipper had PATCO.

Make Scott Walker's day.

Via Christian Schneider:

Wisconsin state law actually specifically assesses penalties for “sick outs.” Here’s the law (as found on Page 20 of this Legislative Fiscal Bureau document: )

Any labor organization violating the strike prohibition is subject to the following penalties:

• Any dues check-off agreement or fair-share agreement between the labor organization and the municipal employer will be subject to a one-year suspension. • Where an injunction has previously been issued, a forfeiture of $2 per member per day, but not more than $10,000 per day, will be imposed. Each day of continued violation constitutes a separate offense.

• Separate contempt of court penalties may also be imposed in addition to any of the foregoing penalties. These penalties do not apply to a "wildcat" strike not authorized or condoned by the labor organization. Any individual nonprotective municipal employee who engages in a strike after the issuance of an injunction is subject to the following penalties:

* A fine of $10 per day. Furthermore, nonprotective and protective employees absent from work because of a purported illness (unless verified by a physician) are deemed to be on strike and are subject to a fine of $10 per day.

* A fine of $15 per day where the nonprotective employee authorizes or otherwise participates in a strike after the issuance of an arbitration award. Each day of continued violation constitutes a separate offense.

* No employee may be paid wages or salaries covering the period that the individual engages in any strike.

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