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 How unhinged are the unions. They shut down the Madison public schools today. 

At least they've made it clear where their priorities lie:

No school. No classes. No teaching.

Just union protests to protect their lavish benefits and pensions.

Just remember, under the budget plan:

They keep their pensions (but have to contribute 5%)

They keep their generous health benefits (but have to contribute about 1/2 the national average)

They keep their jobs (as opposed to mass layoffs)

They still have tenure.


Listener emails:


What about the chidren?
Madison School District are closed today because the teachers are going to be too busy threatening the governor and state legislators to do the jobs they’re being paid to do. 
What about the children?
Union terrorism is holding government and the private sector hostage with their tactics.  We've been appeasing them, caving into their demands for years with higher wages, benefits, no pension contributions, little to no health care contributions, sick time perks, overtime perks, and now that we stop appeasing the unions because the taxpayers are broke, they put society on hold to get what they want. 
What about the children?
Now all the parents in Madison will have to find daycare for their kids or take a day off of work.  This is exactly why government workers should not be able to unionize.  They use terrorist tactics to get their way and use the children they are entrusted to teach as political pawns. 
What about the children?
The unions had 18 months and didn't negotiate. With sickouts, walkouts and threats, and after decades of holding the taxpayer hostage, what makes anyone think they'll negotiate anything reasonably or in a timely manner. Surely there concern is not for the children or the 227,000 jobless people in Wisconsin. 

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