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 Paul Ryan and Senator Jeff Sessions on The One's Epic Budget Fail.

At a time when strong leadership is needed in the White House, President Obama has disappointed us with a budget that punts responsibility for America's greatest fiscal challenges. Lasting solutions will require a willing partner in the White House — and we don't appear to have one right now...


Based on editorial reaction, the president's budget is a political flop....

Washington Post: “The President Punted”

USA Today: “He whiffed… a shame, and economically risky”

Detroit News: “One of those weight loss programs that pretend it can shrink your waistline while allowing you to eat whatever you like”

Chicago Tribune: “No, the fiscal news doesn't get any better in Washington than it is in Illinois”

LA Times: “Landed with a thud”

New York Times:  “What Mr. Obama’s budget is most definitely not is a blueprint for dealing with the real long-term problems that feed the budget deficit”

IBD: “Gutless…Far worse than merely bad”

Wall Street Journal: “The American people also want a President to lead, and this budget is so transparently cynical it may help Republicans make their case that if they don't lead, no one will”

Denver Post: “disappointed the Obama administration has decided to double down on the status quo… continues to act as if government spending is the way to prosperity”

Dallas Morning News: “turned away on leading the nation back from an impending fiscal nightmare”

San Francisco Chronicle: “Obama's budget shies away from tough choices… In a crucial way, it lacks honesty”

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