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A quick roundup here.... Byron York starts with the obvious double standard.

Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings

And it wasn't just CNN.  Other media outlets were also filled with speculation about the attack and pronouncements on the state of American political rhetoric.  What a markedly different situation from 15 months earlier when, in the face of actual evidence that Maj. Hasan was inspired by Islamist convictions, many media commentators sought to be voices of caution. Where was that caution after the shootings in Arizona?


Roger Kimball : Conservatives in the Crosshairs.

The bullets had hardly stopped whizzing when a cataract of commentary descended. The first inundation came mostly from the Left. Its basic message was epitomized by Paul Krugman: The shooting was probably politically motivated. The Tea Party. Sarah Palin. Scary. “The climate that preceded the Oklahoma City bombing.” Beck. Limbaugh. “The evils of Partisanship.” “Culture of hate.” Et cetera...

What we have here in the tortured left-wing effort to enlist the ghastly Arizona shootings into their anti–Tea Party campaign is yet another example of political correctness on the march. The great irony, as I intimated a moment ago, is that all this vitriol should be marching under a banner called “liberalism.” There is nothing liberal, nothing having to do with freedom, about it. It is all about control: power in the hands of a nomenklatura and submission visited upon you and me, my friends. It’s the good old strategy of Lenin, dusted off and infused with some new names. It all boils down, however, to what Lenin said politics was all about. Not the control of faction and controlling the power of the state so that individual freedom could flourish...


Glenn Reynolds on the shotting and the left's blood libel....

To be clear, if you're using this event to criticize the "rhetoric" of Mrs. Palin or others with whom you disagree, then you're either: (a) asserting a connection between the "rhetoric" and the shooting, which based on evidence to date would be what we call a vicious lie; or (b) you're not, in which case you're just seizing on a tragedy to try to score unrelated political points, which is contemptible. Which is it?

I understand the desperation that Democrats must feel after taking a historic beating in the midterm elections and seeing the popularity of ObamaCare plummet while voters flee the party in droves. But those who purport to care about the health of our political community demonstrate precious little actual concern for America's political well-being when they seize on any pretext, however flimsy, to call their political


More links....(Via the Weekly Standard.)

Jen Rubin: "The Arizona tragedy."

Wall Street Journal: "Murder in Tucson: Jared Loughner's sickness is not the product of politics."

Legal Insurrection: "Two Sicknesses On Display in Arizona."

Steve Hayes: "Sometimes A Tragedy Is Just A Tragedy."

John Podhoretz: "The rush to blame."

Ross Douthat: "United in Horror."


And, finally, a useful roundup of the rehrtoric of the tolerant, compassionate left:




There are lots more if you follow the link.

And, of course, there is this...

Scott Walker 1

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