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Great read this am from Dan Bice:

Is it any wonder that Democrats lost control of the Legislature?

Living up to their reputation as proponents of the Nanny State, Assembly Democratic leaders are circulating a proposed covenant that they want each of their members to sign.

Much of the covenant, which was presented to representatives in a private session on Wednesday, calls on Assembly Democrats to agree to do what everyone already expects them to do. Like, you know, show up at caucus and floor sessions on time and fully prepared because - the document helpfully adds - "meeting together is a critical aspect of our jobs."


Maybe State Rep. Kelda Helen Roys is confusing her role as caucus chair with being a K-4 teacher... or maybe she just thinks her fellow Democrats are such a bunch of juvenile idiots they needed this memo. Maybe she could suggest a time out for Mikey Tate.

Our own John Jagler makes his spokesperson debut:

John Jagler, the former Milwaukee radio voice who now is spokesman for Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon), said his side of the aisle already knows what is expected of them. They don't need a written agreement, he said, instructing them to attend floor sessions on time, to prepare for meetings and to reach out to constituents.

Maybe the Assembly Democrats need to be told what to do, Jagler said. And since the covenant is still a draft, he said, Assembly Dems could go one step further by adding amendments reminding members to maintain their personal hygiene.

"We would appreciate it on full session days," he joked.


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