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UPDATE: yes, Pants on Fire. But.... it took them... wait for it... 36 paragraphs.

Thirty Six Paragraphs. Plus a picture. (And they didn't even use my best lines. Compare with the actual email below.)

A new benchmark!

... and likely finds them wanting. After months of ridiculing Politifact, they've gotten around to metering me... and picked a tidbit from Wednesday's show.  Last night I got this email from reporter David Umhoefer

Hi Charlie:

 I’m setting out to do a PolitiFact item on your statement Wednesday morning about 9:00 a.m. regarding the traveling party of 43 heading to Pasadena.
 You were questioning how much will go toward paying for the officials as part of the 2.2 million expense budget overall, in the context of the University getting $2.7 million payout from the BCS.
  Here’s what I have from the tape:
 “So basically they are using almost all the payout for a junket for the politically well connected types.”
   I’m going to check out the notion that most of the $2.7 will go for the politically connected types.
  By PolitiFact rule you get to bend my ear about how you came to that conclusion and what your evidence is.
   Happy to chat about it.
Dave (Umhoefer)
My response:
Hi Dave:
Thanks for the email.
The only politically connected hack I know who is going to the Rose Bowl on our dime is Jim Doyle (and maybe some of the regents.)  My "evidence" that most of the money goes to the hacks? Absolutely none. It was an off-hand wisecrack, based on the story buried on the back page of the Sports Sections in your newspaper. You know, humor, hyperbole, joke. (And, I admit that when we go to our Herb Kohl updates, Dave, it's really not Herb. It's Grandpa Simpson.)  
Based on the tape, I devoted a total of 1 minute 49 seconds to the subject.
But have at it! All I want for Christmas is a "Pants on Fire!" in my stocking!
Pants on Fire!
When you're done, Dave, you might want to look at that Talgo discrimination complaint. I can send you a copy. And you might want to poke around that Open Sky thing. Might be a story....
Go Badgers!


The part I'll love best about January 3 is that  Diamond Jim will have to pay his own damn way from now on! (OK, that's "False." There are a lot of things I will like better about January 3, but that's another Politifact.)

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